Weight Management and the use of supplements

So you want to lose weight and you are totally confused with all the hype. Here are some highlights of what to do:

1. Pick a plan

2. Choose an aerobic exercise that fits you.

3. Count your calories.

4 .Perhaps add supplements. Here are some options, depending on your individual makeup:

a. “I eat until I am too full.” Consider supplements that create a sense of fullness. More information.

b. “I tend to eat when I get nervous.” Consider an herbal supplement for nervousness or consider a supplement for excessive cortisol production caused by nervousness.  Cortisol causes the body to store fat more readily. More information.     More information.

c. ” I have to eat often due to low blood sugar”. Consider supplements that help regulate blood sugar. More information

   Try a product that addresses blood sugar and cortisol issues (b. and d.). More information.

d. Adding more fiber to my diet will aid in elimination. More information.

e. My thyroid is out of balance. Make sure that your lab values are normal. This usually requires the use of medications. 

f. I have gained weight because I my hormones are out of balance (men and women). Check with your doctor for balancing or referral to a medical doctor who is interested in evaluatiing and treating these kind of problems.

Last update: 13July2014